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Extra Roll

Welcome to Dice Company: Extra Roll, the exclusive Patreon show that offers an in-depth exploration of the Dice Company podcast adventures! Dive into our roundtable discussions where we dissect previous episodes, providing unparalleled insights, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and engaging commentary.

Extra Roll is your backstage pass to the world of Dice Company, where we revisit pivotal moments, beloved characters, and epic plot twists from the main storyline. Through our discussions, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the narrative intricacies, character development, and overarching themes that drive our adventures forward.

But that’s not all – as patrons of Dice Company, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to a treasure trove of bonus content. Get ready for extended episodes, behind-the-scenes glimpses into the creative process, and live Q&A sessions with the cast on the official Dice Company Universe Discord. Plus, you’ll have the chance to influence future story arcs and connect with fellow fans in our vibrant Patreon community.

With Extra Roll, the adventure never ends. Whether you’re a seasoned listener of the Dice Company podcast or new to the realm of tabletop role-playing, Extra Roll offers an immersive experience that takes your journey to the next level. And it’s not just a lookback, we discuss a number of topics on each show ranging from our opinions of one another all the way through to our favourite TV shows and fruits. Because what the world needs now more than ever, is the useless opinions of a bunch of old friends with no taste.

Join us on Patreon today to unlock access to Extra Roll and embark on a new chapter of your Dice Company adventure!