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Dice Company – Small Embers: Chapter 43 – The Fingers II

In the forty-third chapter of Small Embers, the Dice Company Narrative Adventure Audio Podcast, using D&D rules as a framework in this Actual Play variation… the gang reach the Maximum Security area of the trecherous Northern prison of The Fingers…
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Starring (with Special Thanks to):
Issy P – Dice Company Archivist and Background Artists
Plainride – For use of their awesome songs. Check them out on their official site.
Music (Thanks to):
Shepherd by Plainride
Devil at Your Heels by Plainride
Vengeance by Plainride
Castle Jail by Tabletop Sounds
Dragon Rider by Tabletop Sounds
Collegium Magica by Tabletop Sounds
Aggressive Metal Trailer by Alex Grohl
Benny Hill Theme Style Royalty Free by Orion Williams
Dramatic Cinematic Background by Lexin Music
Dramatic Tragic Story Orchestral by Free-to-Use-Media
Emotional Thoughtful Piano by Ashot Danielyan Composer
The Hidden Diamonds by Geoff Harvey


A Special Thank You to our Artwork Team:

Sarah Isabella – Background Art

Joey (The Sleepy Pencil) – Character Artwork

Ben Lee (Foundation) – Merchandise Designs

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