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Dice Company Chapter 16 – Heron Idiots Stallion Shopping

In the sixteenth chapter of the Dice Company UK D&D Actual Play Podcast… the crew of the Sterling indulge in a day of shopping… which always goes well…

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Starring (with Special Thanks to):

Richard Godden as the Voice of God (

Special Thanks For Chapter Title To:

Adam Beltaine from Force Majeure

Music (Thanks to):

Intro Theme by Mykola Sosin

Tadaa by Pixabay

Lively Café by Tabletop Audio

Rolling Emporium by Tabletop Audio

The Britons by kmacleod

Leaves in the Wind by JuliusH

Emotive Harp by REDproductions

Rock Star Trailer by LiteSaturation

Fatherland by SergePavkinMusic

The Rebel by Lemonmusicstudio

Artwork by The Sleepy Pencil Artist

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